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Century Park and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

The park offers an oasis in the hectic metropolis, while the SSTM presents exciting scientific discoverieswww.

Century Park and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum are located to the east of the well-known Pudong skyscrapers. Since it has an admission price of 10 yuan, Century Park is not crowded and is a relaxing destination. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum offers many exhibits that explain science and technology, which makes it very interesting for families with children.

Shanghai Century Park Map

Century Park covers a vast area, and one can spend hours in its gardens with Chinese and international themes. It is best to get one of the available rental bikes to explore the park, and see the forests and lakes where you can even go fishing or boating. Children have many choices of places to play.

The Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (SSTM) shows early Chinese inventions and technological developments, but also explains these in terms of scientific principles, for example, in the exhibition Human and Health. Fascinating information is provided on everything from spiders to robots and plate tectonics, very enticing for children and parents who are interested in things natural and technological. However, the film presentations are only in Chinese, and many of the SSTM exhibits are targeted more at younger visitors.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum