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Nanjing Road

Shanghai’s most luxurious shopping street

Nanjing Road is an impressive shopping street that is a center of commercial activity and luxury. Several significant landmarks from Chinese history can be found on the one kilometer-long pedestrian zone, but these are often overlooked in the flurry of advertising and interesting shops. For tourists in search of inexpensive souvenirs, it is best to consider other shopping locations, since the prices on Nanjing Road are frequently as high as in the Western world. Jing'an Temple, People's Square and the Bund are located nearby.

Shanghai Nanjing Road Map

Walking around in the mornings, one encounters shows by folkloric performers with waist drums.

Performers with waist drums in Shanghai

The relatively narrow Nanjing Road offers enough space for pedestrians:

Nanjing Road Shanghai

Only at the intersections must one be careful and not get distracted by all the commercial hustle and bustle:

Nanjing-Road Intersection

Nanjing Road has a charm all its own by night:

Nanjing Road by Night