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Shanghai Climate

City in the Mist

The city of Shanghai is located in the subtropical climate zone, with a warm monsoon climate during summer, with temperatures that can reach 104°F (40°C), that becomes a cool and humid maritime climate in the winter, with temperatures down to 40°F (5°C). Early November is still sometimes nice T-shirt weather at 68°F (20°C), but with temperature drops when it can cool down considerably. The spring is also relatively short. The main rainy season is in the summer; however, during the autumn and winter the city is often shrouded in mist, which can turn into a light drizzle.

Pudong in the Mist

The thick cloud cover and fog have their own special charm, and should not be confused with poor air quality. Even though the pollution levels are not officially reported, they have remained within the tolerable range – at least for brief visits up to the present time.

For current forecasts and long-term climate trends, one can get information from the China Meteorological Administration.