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Hotels in Shanghai

A sojourn at dizzying heights

Shanghai boasts many hotels that can accommodate a wide range of requirements. The selection includes everything from luxury hotels in the Pudong skyscrapers (e.g., the Park Hyatt Shanghai Hotel in the Shanghai World Financial Center) to simple lodgings in the city center.

The map to the right shows the sheer number of hotels from which the tourist can choose. From Pudong in the eastern part to city center in the west are hundreds of hotels, one to meet every possible expectation for price and room d├ęcor.

When faced with selecting a hotel while booking the flight or booking a room online, it is also frequently helpful to search the hotel name in Google Maps. If the hotel is located within Metro loop line (4) and the listed user reviews are favorable, there should be no problem with booking at that location.

Luxurious Room in ShanghaiTips

The main tourist season is in summer. Most of the hotels are fully air-conditioned, which makes the prevailing outdoor temperatures quite bearable. The drone of the air conditioner adds to the street noise, which depending on the hotel location can readily be heard even at night. Since one cannot be sure in advance how well protected from noise one will be, it is recommended to carry ear plugs at all times of year…

When making a reservation in late autumn, winter or spring, one might easily be the only hotel guest on the floor. An additional advantage of a stay during the colder months is the absence of crowds during breakfast, but certainly also that the price of a night’s lodging will be about half that of peak season during the summer. Thus, in early November one can book into a double room with huge single beds on the 20th floor of a hotel complex, and enjoy an amazing view of the city for about $30 per night per person.

View from Hotel Room in Shanghai