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The Old City of Shanghai

Wooden houses and crooked streets

The interesting character of the Old City of Shanghai, between Renmin Road and Zhonghua Road, has been preserved even though its original city walls (marked in red on the map) no longer stand. Crooked streets and wooden houses invite the visitor to explore. The City God Temple and the gardens of the former homes, such as the Yu Garden (also called Yuyuan Garden), offer picturesque panoramas. Handicrafts, calligraphy, paintings, porcelain ware, and tea can be purchased in the many small shops found there.

Shanghai Old City Map

When visiting the City God Temple, it is not only the temple itself that is of interest but also several of the surrounding houses.

City God Temple Shanghai

For example, there are a number of department stores in the vicinity:

Old City of Shanghai

The Yu Garden is a pleasant place to relax for awhile:

Yu Garden Shanghai

The buildings are lit up at night, and present a magical scene:

Shanghai Old City in the Night