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Tourist Visa for Shanghai

Getting a tourist visa for China is simple

Chinese VisaRestrictions on issuing visas became an issue during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, but are no longer a concern. Millions of foreign tourists visit Shanghai each year, and the Chinese government wants to increase the number of tourists. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying for a visa: Fill out your visa application clearly and completely. If you wish to visit several cities in China as part of a tour, you must list all of them. Pay special attention that the information in your passport is consistent with the entries in your application. The single biggest reason for visa denial is the failure of name details to match up.

If you know all of your trip dates and the flight and hotel bookings are available for confirmation, then first download the current visa requirements and application form from the Chinese Embassy website: Fill out the application, then take a day to deliver the application personally to the Embassy or a Consulate. Alternatively, a representative such as a tour operator or a friend can also submit the application. Don’t forget to bring along your passport and travel documents! The normal waiting time until the visa is granted is four days, during which time you must leave your passport at the Chinese Embassy. However, you can pay a surcharge for same-day processing, which can be convenient if you don’t live in the vicinity. For this, you must submit your application before 12 pm.